Does e-procurement for marketing make sense?

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Does e-procurement for marketing make sense?

In each organization, there is always some kind of disconnect and friction that exists between the operations and the marketing department. This is due to the fact that both the departments have got separate KPIs, but are still dependent on each other to a large extent to achieve their goals. This results in the loss of productivity and impacts the overall business.

However, with the advent of technology and the development of e-procurement systems, its now possible to measure the clear impact of e-procurement on the marketing strategies of any organization and also find out the commonalities between the both.

Effective marketing needs clear strategies

There are a lot of similarities between marketing strategies and e-procurement processes of any organization. So whether it is following the standard protocols of any organization, including the procedures for selection of the right vendors as per the given scope of the project or procedures for reporting the exact financial data to the accounts for complete ROI analysis. Since both the departments have to follow such similar standard operating procedures, it becomes easier for the operations and the marketing departments to understand each other and work in sync as per the requirements of the project.

Increased ROI and better crisis management

The main objective of any marketing department is to increase the ROI of their efforts. Anybody who has worked in marketing will second to the fact that that client in most of the situations is unsure of their requirements and issues last minute changes to the decided strategy almost all the time. This creates huge problems in the designed task workflows and results in the loss of productivity and efforts of the entire team. Hence it is always a much better idea to plan for these unexpected circumstances in advance, so as to prevent the last minute scrambling for resources situation. This is where e-procurement system can come in handy and play an important role for the marketing department. E-Procurement systems provide comprehensive data handling capabilities, supplier analysis, total cost of ownership analysis and complete spend visibility to the marketing department. This can help them to manage any ad-hoc requirements as per the client needs.

Integrating marketing and operations

Even though there are lots of things that the companies know and understand that they need to consider to increase their ROI, it can still be a difficult task to convince them to bring about major procedural changes in their set processes.

One of the major focuses of businesses these days is to keep pace with the on-going technological changes. E-procurement systems have also grown over the years with the advancement of technology and are now capable or providing complete support through any device to both the clients and the vendors. They help in managing the sourcing function and provide an immense amount of value add to the overall process. These capabilities prove very useful in the highly competitive market place and help businesses source the right vendors. Considering the benefits of such a cohesive system that is designed to support the marketing department with all their purchases, using any other system to manage their processes almost seems like a no brainer.

Even for the businesses, that are experiencing very rapid growth, the e-procurement not only saves their time and cost but also sets the stage for a seamless integration of the marketing and the operations function. Not only that, it also helps in managing the large clients even if there are fluctuations of budget and services in the most efficient way possible thus by increasing the overall productivity of the organization.

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